About Us


SHARGEEK's founder is an M.S. in Electronics and Computing from Cornell University, a world leader in gallium nitride charging applications, and has extensive experience in digital product development. the SHARGEEK team is a group of crazy digital geeks who live and breathe innovation, technology, and fashion, and we are in pursuit of something different, and with the lack of innovation in digital products today. We want to change something through our work.

Ultimate performance and unique design

Today, our lives have become busier and our phones are used more frequently, so we demand more efficient charging: we always want it to be faster; so we continue to innovate to achieve the ultimate in product functionality and to stay at the forefront of the industry. In terms of product design, we hate the same old thing, we go for individuality and distinction.
In 2021, we were the first to launch the transparent mobile power STORM², which received a lot of media and KOL coverage and quickly became a success, then we had the launch of STORM² Slim, both products have received positive feedback from the market.
The launch of STORM² series changed the stereotype of mobile power, it was no longer a brick-like square, it became stylish and personalized, it was even a beautiful fashion accessory.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve energy conversion efficiency through technological innovation to achieve energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.

Our Vision:

Committed to building a leading global charging and energy storage brand that spans consumer, home, and travel fields. Provide users with a clean, efficient and pleasant way to use.