Starship Seer

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Shargeek Starship Seer is the first power bank that predicts your remaining charging time. It serves as a power bank, as well as a multifunctional digital clock, alarm. Real-time fluctuating power and charging time prediction make the power bank more features and fun.

Small Appearance: the exquisite design allows for accurate time management. Portable design allows you to charge your devices anytime, whether you're traveling or working in the office. When not using, it can act as a time management tool, and can be placed on your office desk, bookshelf, or even hang it on the wall as an eye-catching cyberpunk decoration.

Low Reflective Screen: the reflective rate of the screen has been reduced and light transmission has been increased, achieving strong light visibility.

Predicting Charging Time: regardless of output or input, you can check the remaining charging time on the screen and be prepared for full charge at any time.

35W Fast Charging: Starship Seer have two ports, USB-C with maximum input of 30W and a maximum output of 35W, the USB-A with maximum output of 25W, which can quickly charge phone or even MacBook. It can charge your iPhone 14 pro battery to 60% in just 30 minutes, which is 4 times faster than a standard power bank.

Wide Compatibility: equipped with a 20W USB-C & USB-L capsule cable, it is compatible with laptops, phones, iPads, SteamDeck, Switch, and other electronic devices.

Product Specs:

  • Weight:220g
  • Input:30W MAX
  • Output:35W MAX
  • Screen Size:3.09*0.67 in
  • Product Size:3.54*2.56*1.14 in
  • Warranty:12 months

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