The First 67W Charger With Power Display

GGood design is long-lasting--- "10 Principles for good design" Dieter Rams
The product master who inspired Steve Jobs, Jony Ive, Naoto Fukasawa, Bruce Chang, and others, Dieter Ramsay, is celebrated as the first and last industrial designer. His definition of good design is distilled into ten simple but time-honored design principles.
As a design-driven startup, the Shargeek design team is also greatly influenced by it. After the popularity of the Storm 2 100W Power Bank, we have been thinking about what kind of design we should adopt for our upcoming product to meet customers' expectations.
The Shargeek Retro 67, which first launched on November 22, 2022, in Indiegogo, is the result of the above thinking.
Big Apple fans and computer geeks will be acquainted with the design of the Shargeek Retro 67 charger. It was inspired by McIntosh computer, the iconic product that kicked off personal computers.

1. Retro 1980s Style

The launch of the Macintosh computer revolutionized the old days when you had to code to start using a computer and developed the graphical operating interface that we are all more familiar with now. It was a groundbreaking innovation, and to a certain extent, laid the foundation for the history of the Macintosh computer. This vintage sense of history adds a bit more fun to this classic design, making it an exquisite desktop decoration.
It has such a design, so that the Retro 67 chance to link with customers rather than just plug in the power strip. Realize the concept of human-centered design.
This is the first impression we want to show to the users. After the official launch, we believe you will still be surprised by the 'bonus scene' on its small screen.

2. High-Quality Design

The historical value of the Macintosh computer goes beyond the fact that it kicked off the era of personal computers and emphasizes the importance of industrial design in electronics.
Jef Raskin, who was first charged with the McIntosh computer project, defined the McIntosh computer as an inexpensive, easy-to-use computer with basic performance. He believes that such product positioning helps wide-spread the computer to millions of households and make them as popular as radios.
Steve Jobs became the head of the project at that time, and hundreds of molds were made for the computer's case. After internalizing the Bauhaus design style, the McIntosh computer featured a concise and elegant design. By the time it was launched in 1984, it was able to start working with just a power cord connected, with almost no installation or learning costs.
This product not only commemorates the glory of the era of personal computers but also embodies Steve Jobs' foresight in product design and the courage of innovation.
To better convey the importance of the design. We have achieved a perfect replica of the details of the Macintosh via the one-piece injection molding process, which has no mold lines on the surface. Even the small screen of this charger outlines the arc similar to that of the Macintosh.

3. Long Lasting Impression

Jobs' strict requirements for the product led to an artistic start to the personal computer era at the cost of which was the delayed release of the Macintosh computer, the skyrocketing costs, and the increase in pricing from under $1000 to $2450, nearly twice as much as originally planned.
This was not the first time Steve Jobs had developed a product regardless of cost, nor would it be the last. iMac G3 was released in 1997. While developing this product, Apple design director Jnoy Ive proposed a translucent seawater blue enclosure that would cost three times as much as the standard version. Steve Jobs didn't hesitate to approve the budget. The iMac G3's colorful enclosure served as a major merchandising point, refreshing the public's perception of personal computers.
At Shargeek we will never compromise on product design due to high costs. The design and functional definition of the product has always been the top priority. In this view, we are in line with Steve Jobs' product view.
Good products enable better communication between brands and customers and build an emotional foundation. The unique design concept and high-cost investment in R&D will also surely be acknowledged by countless users and keep going with us along the way.

November 22, 2022, Shargeek Retro 67 was available on Indiegogo.