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SHARGE Mini Power Bank Quality Design Power up Your Colorful Life

On June 28, 2019, Jony Ive, Apple confirmed that the chief vice president of design, Jony Ive is leaving after nearly 30 years at the company.
 For nearly 30 years, the partnership between Steve Jobs and Jonathan has introduced many remarkable products to Apple. The list goes on and on: iMac, iPod, MacBook, iPhone, iPad.
 These product designs, which have become industry icons, were both developed by Jonathan and his team. It is no exaggeration to say that the combination of Steve Jobs and Jonathan has led Apple and the modern technology industry.

One of Jonathan's "heroic moments" was the release of the iMac G3. The product's transparent case design, which was industry-leading, revolutionized users' imagination of computers and even raised Apple from bankruptcy. The iMac G3 is a glorious and extremely influential product in the history of technology.
Sharge Technology (Shenzhen) Co. has two brands: Shargeek and Sharge. The Sharge team has been seeking methods to deconstruct the design concept of the iMac G3 and bring it to power-charging products. Portable chargers can also be introduced to more users via their unique design.
 The most important product in this deconstruction experiment is the Shargeek mini power bank, which goes on sale in December 2022.

Why iMac G3?

Before the iMac G3, the vast majority of personal computers looked like a four-square box, and these products were homogeneous and boring. It was the same case as most portable chargers today.
Jonathan and Steve Jobs at the time noticed the problem too.
But at the time, Apple faced less than 6 months of cash flow and was on the verge of bankruptcy. So the iMac G3 was a product that needed to meet the expectations of innovation.

Jonathan, the core of Apple's design team at the time, never let anyone down. iMac G3's case, with its groundbreaking design, featured a large area of glossy plastic the color chose the blue of Australia's Bondi Beach, making the overall computer look like a soft and delicate piece of jelly.
 In spite of the high-tech display, iMac G3 also makes users feel friendly and accessible, completely changing the stereotype of a dull personal computer.

This is the story of the birth of the iMac G3, and its remarkable success has become a role model for countless designers to follow. For portable chargers, there are many new arrivals on the market, but without exception, they ultimately tend to homogenize.
 Shargeek storm 2 portable charger has made a bold innovation in the high-end market and has been acknowledged by some customers. But so far, only a few portable chargers focus on product design, and even fewer pay attention to how to link customers with design.

Tactile Impression First

In addition to the highly transparent plastic case, we also tried to put a translucent frosted material on the top cover. The addition of the frosted texture to the case provides a really interesting way to enhance the textured look. Also, the frosted case allows the power indicator on the top cover to emit a very beautiful, soft light. Due to the observation of jelly getting the inspiration for the iMac G3 design, and the Shargeek storm 2 power bank wants to deliver a sense of freshness to users through the application of frosted material, just like minty candy. Shargeek storm 2 portable charger aspires to be close to the user. The combination of textured materials and design approaches is a breakthrough for both the design and product teams at Shargeek.

After deconstructing the iMac G3, the Sharge design team concluded that there were 3 important design elements: texture, color, and affinity. The texture is essentially a combination of material selections and application techniques. In the case of the Shargeek storm 2 portable chargers, we have gained rich experience in applying high translucency plastic. High-transparency glossy plastic reveals a sense of transparency like a high-cleaning mirror.

The "Handle" of the Charger

Affinity is a major difficulty in product design. I mean, do you remember the handle on the iMac G3? For a computer made in 1997, nobody would actually carry such a "big guy" through the handle. It wasn't a functional design. The handle was designed to allow users to hold it like shaking hands or hugging a friend they haven't seen in a long time The design team of Sharge has been looking for a "handle" that fits the portable charger, a design that is both meaningful and practical to link users. Ultimately, we focused on curves and volume. Sharge design team went with three curves of different curvatures. On the frosted, semi-transparent side, we adopted a continuous curve with greater curvature. And on the highly translucent side, we chose two smaller curvatures. The complex design of multiple curved rounded edges also requires both handheld-friendly and a feeling of ease when hand-holding the product.

Therefore, in the definition stage of the product, the Sharge design team and product team went through multi-round simulation and sample testing, together with hundreds of hand grip tests, before employing such curves, to design the power bank's "handle". In addition to the curve design, the compact size is the bullet point of the product. The size of Sharge mini power bank is similar to the card, which is handheld-friendly. Even if put in a bag or pocket, its compact size is an ideal choice for travel. Moreover, we also include a small hanging bag for the mobile charger to stay with you anytime and anywhere.
To be so compact yet hold a 10000mAh battery capacity is a great challenge for the energy density of the battery cell. We choose the 21700 power cell supplied by LG, which features higher safety, lower temperature, and a 10000mAh larger battery capacity than the average cylindrical cell. Thanks to the powerful vehicle-grade power cell, it realizes compact size and high practicality, making the product favored by more users.

Design with Promising Growth Prospects

The combination of design and R&D has been proven by numerous great companies and is a long-term and stable development strategy. Shargeek aims to establish a long-lasting relationship with users across time and space through its products.

In the past, Sharge has gathered a group of geeks who have passions for science fiction and design via its super mobile power with transparent design and extreme performance. Among them are art directors of science fiction films, tech gurus, tech entrepreneurs, and so on. But what the design team has been working on is how to connect with more users via the combination of innovative design and cutting-edge technology. They may not only be interested in technology, or they just want to own a pleasant and approachable product. This is exactly the role that portable power aims to take in the user's life.